James (Jim) Sparks MBA
James (Jim) SparksMBA 

Challenge: Providing consulting services through a national sales team.

The sales CRM team I was assigned called on a diverse set of clients within different industry segments. Each manager had knowledge about their clients, but they were not knowledgeable about the client's industries.  I wanted them to become industry experts so that they could consult on all the clients' payment processes and sales promotions. This allowed us to better access each industry for maximum revenue potential. Also, the sales force was better able to manage their portfolio of accounts for greater profitability.


I redesigned the structure and responsibilities of the sales managers. We switched from a cross industry focus to one that targeted clients based on specific industry segments. Managers were responsible for learning and keeping current on their industry's trends. I had them attend seminars to better understand their clients' businesses. Sales managers went to industry conferences and represented the company, and when possible, participated in seminars where they could demonstrate their value. Not only did we become good consultants, but we also were able to introduce new products and create joint promotions to achieve mutual sales goals.

      James(Jim)          Sparks, MBA


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