James (Jim) Sparks MBA
James (Jim) SparksMBA 

Applying Experience and Insights

to developing creative solutions.



What is a Solutionist?


A "Solutionist" integrates business insights, processes, people and technology to create solutions that enable competitive advantages and increase the bottom line. My focus is start-up companies (services industry) using my experience and skills.


That's what I do. 


Complexity has become so common in today's constantly changing environment that companies must become more nimble and responsive to competition, technologies and global markets. 


My experience includes product management and design, sales, managing key accounts and leading teams with a strong background in financial services and data modeling. I can help you:


- Marketing Plan Development

- Developing Sales Strategies

- Launching New Products

- Ideas and Conepts for Testing


For additional information about me, check out this website. To learn more about how I can work with you and your team to create business solutions, contact me by email or phone. 


James (Jim) Sparks, MBA


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