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James (Jim) SparksMBA 


Thresholds is an industry leader in the areas of affordable
housing for people with mental illness, evidence-based supported employment,
wellness management and recovery, assertive community treatment, integrated
dual disorders treatment, physical healthcare (in partnership with the
University of Illinois at Chicago College of Nursing), and psychiatric research
and training (in partnership with the Dartmouth Medical School Psychiatric
Research Center). I served as a past board member.

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Thresholds is one of Chicago's most recognized social service agencies, serving persons with severe and persistent mental illness. As the largest and oldest provider of community behavioral healthcare and mental health services in Illinois, Thresholds enjoys a unique distinction as a national and world leader in psychosocial rehabilitation. With achievement awards from the American Psychiatric Association, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health ServicesAdministration, the U.S. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association and the National Alliance on Mental Illness, Thresholds is unparalleled in its focus on recovery from mental illness through the routine use of evidence-based practices and innovative, effective models of care. 


Jim Sparks, MBA


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